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Webcast, take two. [Aug. 16th, 2006|09:07 pm]
Official TransVision 06 community


Some people blamed us for making part of the webcasting instructions hard to understand. Also, there was some errata on them. So here are the updated instructions - you can also find them at http://www.transhumanismi.org/tv06/stream.php .


The TransVision 2006 webcast can be viewed using a number of client software, though some ways are more cumbersome than others. The most straightforward way would be to install either QuickTime Player 6.5.2 or Windows Media Player 10, if those are available on your platform. Windows Media Player will require an extra codec package to be installed from here. QuickTime Player 7.x does not seem to work for some reason for video; for just the audio, it will do as well. Second Life participants may therefore want to install QT 6.5.2 for integration into the SL system. A stand-alone QT 6.5 installer can be found here.

The stream will be available on the top of the page at http://hy-stream.it.helsinki.fi/tktl/. Beside the stream name ("Transvision day X") there are three icons. For QuickTime, choose the leftmost QT icon, for Media Player, choose the rightmost icon. Your media should start streaming. Note that using a WWW proxy might hinder your access to the stream; please disable any proxies for the initiation of streaming. Note also that dialup modems will not be fast enough to support the stream.

If you're happy using QuickTime Player 6.5 or Media Player, you can stop reading now. However, if your platform does not support or you do not wish to use one of these players, you will still be able to view the stream, if a bit more awkwardly. You will have to open up a player browser window regardless as instructed above (in this case, it should not matter which player you choose, though we suggest choosing the leftmost icon for RTSP and rightmost for MMS streams just in case). This is because the streaming server enforces access rights to the streams according to who has visited the HTML page that embeds the stream. Remember to disable WWW proxies in your browser for this. After you have visited the page that would have embedded the player you can open the stream in a separate player, such as the cross-platform VLC. Also at least some versions of mplayer are known to work. Technically, any player supporting the H.263 and PCMU codecs and RTSP or MMS streams should work.

The RTSP URL will be rtsp:// The alternative MMS URL will be mms:// Use whichever one your playback software seems happy with (RTSP seems OK for VLC and mplayer). Remember that you will have to renew the authorization on the streaming server (by clicking on one of the player icons) at the start of each conference day.